HBO Boxing

I recently had the opportunity to work with Ed Mulholland and HBO Boxing in Broomfield Colorado, Ed is one of the best Sports Shooters out there.  I arrived at the arena about 2 hours before showtime and got to have some one on one time with Ed.  He gave me some invaluable advice as to our industry and it all stuck.  We swapped stories from events passed and then got ready for the show to begin.  I was there as an assistant to Ed, but he allowed me some lens time in the early stages of the event. Ed is known for his images and his stature, not his height.  The one thing I forgot about is the height of the ring.  I'm 6'4", the mat is a little too high to sit down, but not tall enough to stand up without having to bend in half.  It was a learning experience for me and a good one.  Learning is a curve that never changes in this industry, I'm happy for all the information I gain from Photographers like Ed, who take the time to teach.

Thanks Ed.

Phil LambertComment